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Emp-Verify Solution

To help HR partners and recruiters make informed decisions, avoid negligent hiring, the negative impact and cost associated with it. We have developed Emp-Verify, our enterprise platform that serves as a repository for employee work, criminal, education and address history.

This solution takes away man-hours HR Partners put into responding to employee verification request from other firms and recruiters. HR partners can place verification orders, review completed verification tasks, pending status, add additional request all on one web based system accessible from anywhere or time.

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    Improved Operational Efficiency & Lower Costs

    Automation of verification process eliminates manual errors and reduces response time, making the process more robust and efficient.

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    Comprehensive Reporting with Data Analytics

    Our Intuitive Dashboard provides you complete history and status of requests raised & answered with downloadable reports.

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    Completely Secure with Data Privacy Protection

    Employee information is only shared with candidates consent and for the sole purpose of pre-employment verification. Data is safely encrypted and processed in accordance with Data Protection Act of Ghana 2012 (Act 843).

Features of Emp-Verify


Emp-Verify’s dashboard will keep you updated from the moment a request is uploaded, with its realtime progress tracker


Our network has a dedicated hardware firewall which makes the network safe, hence giving access to those authorized only.

Vulnerability assessment

Assessment are regularly performed to assess and detect potential areas of vulnerability and initiate appropriate fix actions.

IP Restriction

The application has the functionality to restrict IP to the user login.

SSL & Anti-Virus

We have implemented SSL protocols to encrypt all data transfer and daily anti-virus updates are installed, which is monitored by our central control panel.


Facilitation of compliance required documentation.

Key Benefits

Enhances HR staff productivity
24/7 Access to database wherever you are
Real time information
Compliance notifications

For Employers

  • Using advanced technology, that offers a dedicated web-based, automated repository of ex-employees to deliver quick and efficient employment verification
  • It allows employers to upload employee information in a more controlled, secure and uniform manner
  • It eliminates manual efforts to free up time and increase the productivity of employers
  • It helps you analyze attrition trends and gain more information about exited employees

Current Procedure

  • Police Reports
  • Education Institution result check
  • Follow up with previous employers

For Verifiers

  • Conduct a quick and comprehensive check on anytime, anywhere!
  • Unifies online verification, data base management, reporting and advanced analytics – all on a single, unified platform
  • Get real time access to a dedicated, 24/7, user-friendly interface for instantaneous and simplified employment verification

Data Sources & Partners

A Web of Institutions/Databases linked by Technology

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